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COOPER PHARMA 100IU HGH (100 IUs somatropin = 10 x 1ml powder+water)

191 Amino Acid Chain 99% pure

Active-Life: Varies upon injection method

Drug Class: Growth Hormone/IGF-1 Precursor (For injection)

Average Reported Dosage: 2-16 i.u. total daily (1mg=2.7 i.u)

Human Growth Hormone has been a subject of debate since I was a kid. Natural (endogenous) GH is produced by the pituitary gland.

GH has 3 effects any athlete desires: GH helps the body burn more adipose (fat) tissue by promoting the release of fatty acids to be used as energy. Normally at rest, the body uses about an equal division of fat and carbohydrate calories. When the endocrine system senses a low circulatory level of glucose, the hypothalamus-pituitary-axis (HPA) reacts by releasing GH. The GH then triggers (through a series of enzymic/chemical reactions) the release of fatty acids from adipose stores so metabolic energy requirements can be met. This means exogenous GH administration has been well documented to do the same.

Any polled athlete chose to use GH as a performance enhancing drug should have first understand at least the basics of its actions.

GH itself is not responsible for the majority of the effects seen from GH use. Actually GH is only a precursor to the so-called “good stuff”. When GH passes through the liver, it is converted into INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTORS (such as IGF-1). IGF-1 is a very active but unstable chemical, which is why the body waits until the last second to make it naturally. The liver has a limited capacity to convert excess GH into IGF-1 unless other chemical hormone levels are also elevated. Insulin, T-4/T-3 thyroid hormones, gonadotropins, androgens/anabolic hormones, and even estrogen and corticosteroids all play an important role in the positive effects of GH. So they too were often exogenously elevated in what was considered “the correct ratios” by the largest of the self administering athletes. For the liver to convert high levels of GH to IGF-1 several times a day and cause a high quality anabolic response, it was commonly noted that T-3 thyroid hormone and insulin also needed be increased to accomplish the desired effect. Triacana may be strong enough to increase thyroid activity, but Cytomel was considered to be a better choice. Though some seemed to disagree, most emphatically believed that a fast-acting insulin such as HUMULIN-R or Humalog was a better and safer choice of exogenous insulin since they allowed better timing and have a much shorter effective period. This allowed the athletes to time insulin activity with the active period of GH at the optimum absorption times such as upon waking and the first few hours after a work­out. The result was less chance of fat accumulation and a heightened anabolic response. Since GH suppresses natural T-3 thyroid hormone release, the exogenous administration of Triacana or Cytomel allowed for an elevated calorie intake that was utilized more for building muscle and soft tissue than for adipose tissue storage. Many pro bodybuilders used Clenbuterol and/or ephedrine stacks with GH while dieting. Since Clenbuterol and

Ephedrine both suppress natural insulin release, they usually stacked the GH and Clenbuterol /Ephedrine with a synthetic T-3 thyroid hormone and sometimes with insulin as well. The use of insulin was dependent upon whether it was a bulking or dieting phase and depending on how their body responded to exogenous insulin use.

AAS and/or Clenbuterol further enhance the anabolic effects of GH. From all but a few polled it was reported that excellent muscle mass gains resulted with the use of GH when other chosen hormone levels were also met (*also see “cycles”) and one could afford it.

Metabolic Effects
HGH has been the supplement of choice for many professional athletes over the years. American football great, Lyle Alzado, claimed that 80% of all professional American football players, including himself, have taken HGH. HGH has amazing age-reversing effects that make it possibly the strongest anabolic substance available. Some of the benefits associated with HGH supplementation include the reversal of common diseases associated with aging, improved brain activity and function, it strengthens connective tissue which reduces the probability of injury, incredible weight loss without any loss in lean mass, reduces wrinkles by rejuvenating the skin, it raises energy levels and brightens mood, promotes muscle growth, improves libido, improves functions of the lungs which increases the level of oxygen in the blood stream, provides immune system support and Thymus function, and probably the most impressive characteristic is, its ability to produce more muscle cells, something no steroid can do.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 191 amino acid chain recombinant growth hormone 10IU per vial

Positives to taking growth hormone
HGH does reduce body fat
HGH does increase muscle mass and shape the body
HGH does rejuvenate the body
HGH makes your nails grow faster
HGH makes your hair grow faster
HGH makes your skin softer and nicer

Syringes Get the insulin type syringe with 100 markings on the side. They are very cheap and available in every local pharmacy store. They have the smallest needles.

Pull 1ml of water into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder. GH molecules are very fragile – sensitive to heat and rapid movements. You should never shake the vial when mixing. You should not inject the water directly into the powder with force, but rather let it gently slide down the inside of the vial. If it bubbles up, you should put the vial in the refrigerator and leave it there for about 15 minutes. The bubbles will be gone by then. You should then gently turn the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved (it takes about 3-4 minutes).
The vials are under vacuum, so before you can take the GH out, you need to get rid of the vacuum. You take a fresh syringe, pull air into it and inject the air into the vial (not into liquid, but into air above the liquid). This will get rid of the vacuum. You can then pull out the GH as you need it. 10 markings on the 100-mark syringe = 1 IU.
If you want to take 2IU you will then draw 20 markings on the insulin syringe and 3IU will be 30 markings as in the picture below.

Some people pull the entire HGH vial content into the syringe and use the same for 5 injections. Others prefer to use a fresh syringe for every injection (which is smart in my humble opinion).
The favorite spot for HGH injections is subcutaneously, into the stomach fat – pinch some skin between your fingers and insert the needle at a 45-degree angle. Chose a different spot every time. Depending on the spot, you can either feel nothing or you can feel slight pain – you will learn your favorite spots in time. GH can also be injected into any muscle (thigh, shoulder, etc.) – it works the same either way.

Dosage depends on the purpose. People generally use 2IU per day for anti-aging purpose and 4IU per day for bodybuilding, weight loss and general fitness. In case of 4IU, people take 2IU in the morning and 2IU in the afternoon. Its best injected into stomach fat (exactly the same way as insulin).
Effects are felt about a week into the first cycle (better sleep, skin improvement, etc.). Improved muscle tone is noticed about a month or two after the start (provided you do good workout and proper diet – plenty of proteins).

We all know we can’t get every last drop of liquid out of the vial. We’ve worked out that this is about 0,025ml and by adding an extra 0,27iu of HGH you are ensured of getting a full 10iu out of the vial.

Cooper HGH GOLD Edition (Somatropin) 3.33mg@1mLx10amps with B/water 99% Pure


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Cooper HGH GOLD Edition (Somatropin) 3.33mg@1mLx10amps with B/water 99% Pure

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COOPER PHARMA 100IU HGH(100iu somatropin=10 x 1ml powder+water)


191 Amino Acid Chain 99% pure

Active-Life: Varies upon injection method

Drug Class: Growth Hormone/IGF-1 Precursor (For injection)

Average Reported Dosage: 2-16 i.u. total daily (1mg=2.7 i.u)

High Anabolic/No Androgenic Effects