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Dostinex .5mg@10Tabs

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Interestingly, Dostinex has been used by bodybuilders looking to negate the negative effects prolactin can have on muscle development when using anabolic steroids. By using Dostinex to lower prolactin, the body is able to increase its testosterone production, thus increasing muscle mass. It can be added to their ordinary supplement regimen without affecting the benefits, but it would still require a doctor’s prescription.

“CABER” Dostinex .5mg@10Tabs by BulldogLabs


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“CABER” Dostinex .5mg@10Tabs by BulldogLabs

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Dostinex “CABERGOLINE” .5mg@10Tab 

Cabergoline is commonly used by bodybuilders in combination with other supplements and products for increased muscle mass without adding excess body fat.

Bodybuilders use cabergoline to control gynecomastia that prevents the negative effects of prolactin on muscle development through the use of anabolic steroids

One Cabergoline tablet typically contains 0.5 mg of Cabergoline as the primary active ingredient.
The recommended dosage is 1 tablet two times per week, with a maximum dosage of 1 mg. If bodybuilders exceed these dosage recommendations, they may experience nasal congestion and hallucinations.

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